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Static Bark Collars

Static Bark Collar or Dog Training Shock Collar Delivers a Stimulation to Stop Excessive Barking

The Static Bark Collar is by far the most effective and most reliable dog training method for stopping the bark.

Static stimulation collar has a small device attached internal of the receiver and is activated by the vibration of the vocal box of the dog. The bark collar is placed around the dogs neck and each time the dog barks, a static shock stimulation, pulse or shock, is delivered to the dog.

Shock stimulation bark collars are available with multiple correction levels that will self adjust, combined with a vibration mode, which gives the dog a warning or warning tone. This effectively teaches the dog they can bark a couple of times before it finds a level to stop the barking. These dog training collars automatically adjust to your dog's temperament starting at the lowest level, working up, until the dog adjust to the stimulation. In addition, most static shock bark collars have a time built-in delay feature, to protect over correction and not continuing to stimulate pet.

The new generation bark collars are effective in training dogs to stop excessive barking through safe and humane static  stimulation correction. Most static bark collars allows you to set the correction level yourself through a toggle switch or rheostat dial.

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