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Pet Memorial Markers

Create your own pet memorial markers with Art Pet Memorials

Soothing Words for mourning the loss of a Loved One – Including Our Pets

Having been surrounded for the last couple of months by my own loss and friends losing pet loved ones, I share these profound words of comfort.

In talking with many pet owners in the early stages of grief, one of the most common questions throughout these conversations is "how do I come to accept the horrific reality of what is’, and move forward in my life without being stopped and controlled by the "pit-of-the-stomach" pain that is relentlessly there?"

There are no clear-cut answers, but as we each share pieces of our journeys through the maze of grief, we help each other move forward with feelings, like we're living again.

Our Pet Memorials are available for your memories, comfort and closures. Please accept our deepest sympathy.