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Pet Beds

Heated Pet Beds, Therapeutic Dog and Cat Beds on Sale!

Pet Store Unlimited offers a wide selection of pet beds. Pet beds provide your pet with a place to sleep, relax, cool down.

From the makers of Soothsoft and the Canine Cooler Therapeutic Dog Bed, is pet bedding that provides your dog with the ultimate comfort, from the coolest and softest spot in the house!! Dogs love its soft, cool, and dry sensation!

Heated Pet Beds for Dogs and Cats

The PetSafe Wellness Sleeper is a heated pet bed that supports in comfort and surrounds in warmth. In additionand two models include relaxing therapeutic vibration massage and Low-level therapeutic heat.

K&H Manufacturing is a huge supplier of cat supplies and heated beds. An assorted variety of cat beds from window sill mount to kitty camper. Dog beds are Thermo-Heated beds with assorted sizes and colors.

Your pet will be rested and happy after sleeping on these high quality beds, perfect for your dog or cat.