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Perimeter 10K Invisible Fence Brand Collar Compatible 700 Series

  • Invisible Fence Brand Collar - 700 Series Compatible Replacement
  • R21 R22 R51 Compatible - 700 Series Invisible Fence Brand
  • Invisible Fence 10K Dog Fence Collar R21 R51 Compatible
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PTPIR-003 - 10K
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Product Description

Invisible Fence 10K Dog Fence Collar R21 R51 Compatibleperimeter-tech-logo.jpg

Why pay more? The Perimeter Replacement Collar works perfectly with the Invisible Fence brand 700 series or R21 R22 R51 fence system

Invisible Fence Collar Compatible 700 Series IF Brand R21 R22 R51

Includes “FREE” Shipping
GUARANTEED TO WORK With Invisible Fence R21 R22 R51 Brand
Item #PTPIR-003 – 10K Frequency
Perimeter 10K collar works with Invisible Fence 700 Series. Extra or replacement fence collar for R21 R22 R51 Invisible Fence brand. 

The Perimeter PTPIR-003 - 10K frequency fence collar is an excellent choice when replacing or upgrading your Invisible fence system - SAVINGS from 40-60% compared to Invisible fence brand and includes a Perimeter (1) year manufacturer warranty. 

Note: Please make sure you select the right frequency 7K or 10K as noted in image. If your system does not have a selectable switch then you must refer to invisible Fence Brand owners manual for correct frequency. - This listing is for the 10K Frequency.

Collar works and is compatible with the following Invisible Fence 700 Series:

  • ICT700, ICT-725
  • ICT750 (Gray Case)
  • ICT775 (Gray Case)
  • Invisible Gate
  • ICT150
  • ICT250 (Dark Blue Case)
  • ICT100 (Dark Blue Case)
  • ICT100A (Dark Blue Case)
  • ICT75 (Dark Blue Case)
  • ICT50 (Dark Blue Case)
  • AT950 Indoor Transmitter
  • CT4000
Note: The Perimeter 10K Comfort Contact collar WILL NOT WORK WITH:
  • Perimeter Brand Fence Systems
  • Invisible Fence 800 series fence systems, shields indoor avoidance transmitters
  • Invisible Fence Titanium series collars
Adding a new pet to your existing fence system can be purchased for a fraction of the cost. - Save a whopping 40-60% vs. Dealer Prices!
The collar receiver is completely waterproof and available in 2 frequencies, 7K or 10K (check your current transmitter, look for Switch “1” to determine which frequency you need)

Need help finding your frequency 7K or 10K? Call us 513.545.0315

Looking to replace or add Invisible Fence Collar? No need to contact your IF Dealer. Pet Store Unlimited now has the compatible fence collar replacement in stock. Best of all, no special programming required, very easy to set up. All that is required is determine whether you need a 7K or 10K Frequency. This information is either listed in your owner’s manual or you can look at you Invisible Fence transmitter; locate the circuit board. Look to see the position of switch in the 7K or 10K position. This information is all that is needed to determine which FREQUENCY you will need.


 Note: This Invisible Fence replacement collar uses Perimeter Tech.PTPRB-003 Collar Battery and does NOT use Invisible Fence Power Cap batteries.

Perimeter Technologies collar is proudly made in the USA comes with patented soft rubber Comfort Contacts - designed for your dog's added comfort and safety. The receiver weighs only 1.1 ounces, making it one of the lightest dog fence receivers available. 

Comfort Contact Invisible Fence Compatible Collar Features Include:

  • Patented three antenna, omni-directional design ensures signal reception regardless of pet(s) location
  • Replaces Invisible Fence brand R21 R22 R51 collar
  • Each collar comes with patented soft rubber comfort contacts
  • Progressive Correction for maximum containment stability
  • Waterproof Collar Receiver
  • Two frequencies available (7K or 10K Please specify when ordering)
  • One Lithium Ion 6V battery pack
  • Adjustable nylon collar to 26”
  • Extremely small & lightweight receiver weighs 1.1 oz.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Perimeter 1-year manufacturer warranty
Invisible Fence Brand Compatible Fence Collar includes:
  • Waterproof Receiver Collar & Strap – 7K Frequency
  • Lithium-ion 6V battery
  • Comfort Contacts Soft rubber comfort contact probes
  • Replacement rubber tips for the comfort contact
  • Metal long hair contact probes
  • Owner’s manual & warranty info
  • FREE Perimeter sales setup support
  • FREE Expedited shipping to 50 US states

Buy with Confidence

Authorized Perimeter Seller means you have a full Manufacturer's Warranty.
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