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Why a Canine Cooler Dog Bed Could Be Beneficial For Your Pup This Summer – Pet Store Unlimited


North American summers can get excruciatingly hot, often forcing individuals out of 80+ºF weather and into their cool, air 

Canine Cooler Therapeutic Dog Bed

conditioned homes. Our pets, especially hairy dogs, also suffer from this heat, which is why it is important for pet owners to take proper care of their canines and make sure they are comfortable this summer. Whether you need a dog training collar or a bird launcher, Pet Store Unlimited has everything you may need when purchasing online pet supplies. To beat the summer heat, Pet Store Unlimited recommends that pet owners purchase a Canine Cooler Therapeutic Dog Bed CC2436, especially for dogs who have heavy coats or an arthritic condition.

Heat Relief for Your Pet

The Canine Cooler Therapeutic Dog Bed CC2436, available from the online Pet Store Unlimited website, is a cold therapy option that ensures dogs who keep a lot of heat in their bodies remain cool in the hot summer months. Neglecting to keep your pet cool can lead to overheating, and as a result, dehydration, which can produce irreversible consequences. When we’re too hot, we turn on our air conditioning, but when our pets are too hot they rely on us to cool them; the Canine Cooler Therapeutic Dog Bed acts as an air conditioning system for dogs.

Comforting Aid for Arthritic Dogs

In addition to its primary cooling function, the Canine Cooler Therapeutic Dog Bed is also designed for therapeutic application to help dogs who suffer from pain of any kind, especially arthritis. Made from a soft foam-type material, the Canine Cooler Therapeutic Dog Bed is recommended by vets for dogs with various joint discomforts or pain issues. Moreover, the temperature of this cooling pet bed, although ideal for dogs, discourages fleas, preventing your canine from having to painfully bite at itches.

Worry-Free Durability

The Canine Cooler Therapeutic Dog Bed was designed to activate with water in order to ensure that electrical cords do not malfunction and harm your pet. In addition, it features a paw-puncture proof and non-toxic outer membrane that wipes clean easily, just in case your dog likes to chew on everything.

The canine cooler is an excellent solution particularly for dogs who are suffering from excessive panting, cushing’s disease, hip displaysia, and hygromas. Moreover, not only is the Canine Cooler Therapeutic Dog Bed a durable cooling and therapeutic product that is perfect for dogs during the summer, but it also comes in multiple sizes to accommodate all dogs. The Canine Cooler is made in the United States and comes with a two year guarantee.

Contact Pet Store Unlimited today to order your Canine Cooler Therapeutic Dog Bed and receive free shipping to any of the lower 48 states. If you are looking for a dog training collar or other products, visit the Pet Store Unlimited website at http://www.petstoreunlimited.com/ to learn more.

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