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What Customers Need to Know About Tri-Tronics’ Complete Integration with Garmin – Pet Store Unlimited


Although Garmin has owned Tri-Tronics for a while and kept their brand as a separate product line, Garmin has recently fully absorbed the company. What this means for Pet Store Unlimited customers who have purchased Tri-Tronics products in the past is that apart from minor tweaks, Garmin will not be making any extreme changes to the original Tri-Tronics dog training collars.

However, because Garmin products are used for the most professional types of training like in obedience schools, with hunting dogs, or with farming dogs, minor changes to accommodate these types of training may be reflected in their products. In addition, certain products made by Garmin will no longer be compatible with Tri-Tronics including replacement collars, batteries, remote transmitters, or components of the devices. Customers who have purchased old Tri-Tronics product that needs replacing can contact the Tri-Tronics division of Garmin directly.

The following are old Tri-Tronics products that Pet Store Unlimited now carries under the Garmin name. These dog training collars perform the exact same functions as those previously made by Tri-Tronics.

The Garmin PRO 70 Electric Dog Training Collar PRO Series 010-01201-00

Previously known as the Tri-Tronics Classic 70 EXP

The Garmin PRO 70 Electric Dog Training Collar is unique in its ability to give your dog 6 levels of stimulation. Additionally, the top level stimulation setting includes an increased strength signal in order to produce effective training results. In order to limit barking, this collar features a BarkLimiter with Autorise technology which automatically adjusts the stimulation setting to the level necessary to correct unwanted barking. The collar is also waterproof and comes with a one year manufacturing warranty.

The Garmin PRO Trashbreaker Electronic Dog Training Collar Pro Series 010-01204-00

Previously known as the Tri-Tronics PRO Trashbreaker

Known as the longest range remote dog trainer, the Garmin Pro Trashbreaker e-collar offers coverage of up to 4 miles and can accommodate up to 9 dogs. Like the Garmin PRO 70 Electronic Dog Training Collar, the Trashbreaker has 6 dials for selectable stimulation and a BarkLimiter. Moreover, the Lithium-ion battery not only lasts longer than other batteries but is also fully rechargeable and the one year manufacturing warranty ensures that the quality of this collar.

The Garmin Delta & Delta Sport Dog Device Receiver Collar

Previously known as the Tri-Tronics Delta Sport

The Garmin Delta & Delta Sport Dog Device Receiver Collar combines remote trainers, bark limiters, and bark collars all in one. The Garmin Delta collar features ¾ mile range, 5 training configurations and an LCD screen that activates simply through a push-button design. Like the Trashbreaker, it also includes rechargeable lithium batteries and a one year warranty to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Garmin’s absorption of Tri-Tronics means minimal changes for the customers; for the most part, old products will remain almost as they were prior to the integration. To learn more what is available from Pet Store Unlimited from dog training collars to canine cooling beds visit http://www.petstoreunlimited.com/ today!

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