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The PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Radio Electronic Dog Fence from Pet Store Unlimited


Just as with humans, each dog is different, and so, some dogs can be more stubborn than others. That is why when training a dog it is first necessary to carefully examine his or her unique personality and behavioral patterns. Sometimes, pets will not require any sophisticated products for training and other times they may require a little extra push in the right direction. The PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Radio electric dog fence available from Pet Store Unlimited, is designed specifically for the strong temperament pet. Although it has the highest correction strength setting available on the market, it is a safe and effective method for training large and hard to train dogs.

What are the Features of the Stubborn In-Ground Radio Dog Fence?

There are several features of the PetSafe Stubborn In-Ground Radio electronic dog fence that work together to ensure even the most temperamental dogs get trained including:

  • -10 acre coverage (with additional wire and flags)
  • -A receiver that is designed specifically for stubborn dogs
  • -5 separate levels of stimulation
  • -An indicator that flashes when the battery is running low
  • -A tone plus vibration mode that is only for training
  • -Guides to help operate the product and train the pet
  • -A training and step-by-step installation DVD
  • -A waterproof receiver and collar
  • -4 individual levels of correction with tone only vibration
  • -Long and short interchangeable contact points
  • -A progressive correction anti linger

Why Choose Pet Store Unlimited?

Pet Store Unlimited is not only the best choice for all PetSafe products like the PetSafe In-Ground Radio electric dog fence, but all pet training products. Pet Store Unlimited goes above and beyond to ensure all of their products are not only affordable, but also safe and effective. Conducting business primarily on an online platform also allows customers to browse through Pet Store Unlimited’s products with ease and without pressure. Moreover, if customers are not sure that a product can offer all that it says, they can easily conduct further research from the comfort of their own homes. To find out more about the PetSafe In-Ground Radio dog fence or other products available from Pet Store Unlimited visit their website at http://www.petstoreunlimited.com/. Orders from Pet Store Unlimited over $50 come with free shipping to any of the lower 48 states.

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