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Pet Store Unlimited’s PDT00-13623 & PDT-13625 PetSafe Remote Trainers


Throughout history, dogs have not only developed a reputation as man’s best friend but also as great hunters. As far back as in Ancient Egypt, greyhounds were utilized for their gazelle-hunting abilities. Today, hunting dogs have been bred to naturally have the instincts necessary for successfully catching game; however that does not mean that they do not need to be trained at all.

PetSafe remote trainers from Pet Store Unlimited ensure that when your pet is not behaving, he or she will be stimulated with an effective, and yet safe, shock. PetSafe Elite Little Dog Remote Dog Trainer (PST00-13623) and The PetSafe Elite Big Dog Remote Dog Trainer (PDT00-13625) available from the Pet Store Unlimited website are a great choice for remote training collars. Although both collars are very similar in nature, they have one major difference. While the PDT00-13623 was engineered for little dogs at least 6 months old and weighing 8-40 lbs, the PDR00-13625 is more suitable for larger dogs that weigh 40 lbs and up.

What are the Features of the PDT00-13523 & PDT00-13625 PetSafe Remote Trainers?

Both the PetSafe Elite Little Dog Remote Dog Trainer and the PetSafe Elite Big Dog Remote Dog Trainer feature 15 levels of static correction/better digital display, an instant +2 boost button, a 400-yard range, a durable/waterproof collar, a low battery indicator and a one year warranty.

In addition, upon purchase customers can expect to receive a remote transmitter, an adjustable collar, a charging adapter, a test light tool to ensure function, lanyard for the remote transmitter as well as an owner’s manual, training guide, and customer support information.

Why Purchase from Pet Store Unlimited?

Whether you have a small or a big dog, Pet Store Unlimited stocks both versions of the PetSafe Elite Remote Dog Trainers at the same cost. Pet Store Unlimited also currently has a sale on both of these products; for a limited time only, customers can save $25 on the PDT00-13523 & the PDT00-13625. Additionally, Pet Store Unlimited saves pet trainers even more by providing free shipping to all of the lower 48 states.


To learn more about any of the PetSafe remote trainers, like the PetSafe Elite Little Dog Remote Dog Trainer (PST00-13623) and The PetSafe Elite Big Dog Remote Dog Trainer (PDT00-13625), available from Pet Store Unlimited, visit their website at http://www.petstooreunlimited.com/ today.

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