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Pet Store Unlimited Suggests 5 Things that Dog Owners Should Consider Prior to Purchasing an Anti-Bark Collar


With so many different brands of bark collars available to pet owners on the market it can be difficult to choose the right collar for the right dog. The most important thing to remember is that each dog is unique and no collar should ever feel uncomfortable.

That is why online retailer, Pet Store Unlimited suggests that owners consider 5 things before buying an anti-bark collar.

1. Type of Collar

The first factor dog owners have to consider when buying a bark collar is the type of collar they are looking for. From vibration to ultrasonic, pulse, citronella, and shock, deciding on the right type of collar ultimately depends on each individual dog’s temperament.

2. Dog Size

Some dogs are just naturally bigger or smaller than others which is why there are different sizes of dog collars available. On the current market, anti-bark dog collars can accommodate dogs anywhere from 5 to up to 40 lbs. The PetSafe PBC00-12726 is perfect for little dogs while the PBC00-12725 is more ideal for bigger dogs. In addition, certain collars can also accommodate multiple dogs if required.

3. Levels

Dog trainers who can afford it also have the option of choosing a collar that has different shock levels that range from 1 to 10. With the flexibility of choosing the intensity of the jolt, dogs can be more accurately trained for hunting and other jobs.

4. Power Supply

When purchasing any electrical product, it is important to know how long the battery life will last. Individuals who are planning on using their collars many hours throughout the day it is also important to learn what kind of battery is used (rechargeable, standard, or propriety).

5. Other

Other features that can be researched when looking for a bark collar include timers, bark odometers, and reservoir indicators. It is also good practice to look online for collars and other pet training products as these retailers will likely have lower prices than local stores.

The Elite Little Dog Static Bark Collar & The Elite Big Dog Static Bark Collar

One of the most ideal options for anti-bark collars are the Elite Static Bark Collars, which come in both little and big sizes. In addition to meeting the size requirements of any dog, the two collars also regulate the proper static correction accordingly. Each of the collars have 10 levels of correction static that follows accurate temperament learning technology.

In addition to these 5 elements, Pet Store Unlimited also researches product reviews on their top choices for bark collars. Currently, Pet Store Unlimited stocks several of the top anti-bark collar brands such as PetSafe, Dogtra, Garmin, and SportDOG. To learn more visit the Pet Store Unlimited website at http://www.petstoreunlimited.com/.All products from Pet Store Unlimited, including cat litter box products, come with free shipping to any of the lower 48 states.

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