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​Pet Store Unlimited Outlines the Benefits of a Wireless Dog Fence for the Dog Days of summer


With summer finally here, it is important to give your dog an ample amount of room to run around and play both in your back and front yard. However, there may be places that you may not want man’s best friend to play in, like your garden, your pool, or obstacles that may prove to be dangerous for your pet, which is why it is important to establish certain boundaries. A wireless pet fence allows you to designate indoor and outdoor containment areas for your dog that is easy to install. Unlike basic electrical fences, wireless dog fence products have no wires that require burying, making installation as simple as plugging a cord into an outlet.

Now that it is summer, Pet Store Unlimited is encouraging pet owners to let their dog’s roam around and get their exercise outside with by marking down the original price of all their wireless dog fence products. Pet Store Unlimited is an online discount pet supplies distributer that is devoted to providing customers with the lowest prices on all pet supply products. In addition, Pet Store Unlimited offers free shipping on all online orders over $50 to the lower 48 states. Some of their products like the PetSafe PIF-300 Wireless Dog Fence Wireless Containment are marked down as much as $80. Other products like the PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence PIF00-12917 , the PetSafe Stay + Play Rechargeable Fence Collar, PIF00-14288, and the PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Pet Fence Transmitter PIF00-1321 also have significant price-downs.

If you are still not convinced, consider the benefits that a wireless dog fence can offer you and your pet:

Easy Installation

These days, most things from our cell phones to our internet are wireless, which is why it makes sense for dog fences to be wireless as well. A wireless dog fence means easy installation; all that pet owners need to do is place the transmitter in a central area and plug it into an outlet. In order to complete the installation, attach the collar, as you would any other collar, to your dog and the process is complete.

Adjustable Range

Whether you want to set boundaries indoors or outdoors, a wireless dog fence can be set to any particular area you may not want your pet to go to. Because the fence is intended for training dogs and younger puppies about boundaries, do not constantly change the range as it will annoy your dog.

A Good Way to Train your Pups

Many people receive dogs as Christmas presents so by summer they are approximately 3-6 months old and developing their own traits and gaining more independence. A wireless fence will train younger dogs that there are limits to where they can play, while still giving them a sufficient amount of room.

Although the wireless fence system is slightly more expensive than a basic electric underground dog fence, it is much more convenient. Additionally, a wireless dog fence, unlike an underground fence, does not require the installation services of a professional, which will ultimately save you money.

To learn more about wireless dog fences or the other products available from Pet Store Unlimited, visit their online website at http://www.petstoreunlimited.com/ today!

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