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Official Reseller of Dogtra Training Collars in Minnesota and Midwest states, Discusses Types of Hunting Dogs


Today, hunters often employ sophisticated training and tracking collars, such as the Dogtra training collar so that they know where the dogs are at all times. This feature is especially helpful when hunting is taking place in expansive or wooded areas so that a hunter always knows where his dogs are.

Dogs may have been used to aid in hunting as long as 20,000 years ago. We know the Egyptians used them to hunt gazelles and many other cultures used them to aid in catching game for food. Though not necessarily for food in this modern era, hunters still enjoy training and hunting with their dogs.

What are the types of hunting dog?

Hunting dogs are generally divided among 5 categories.

  • Hounds
  • Gun dogs
  • Feists
  • Terriers
  • Curs

Dogtra Training Collars By Petstoreunlimited.comSome types of dogs are better suited to a certain type of hunting. For example hounds are most often used for rabbits or larger game like wild boar. Other dogs, known as gun dogs, are often better at hunting for birds or rabbits. This category includes retrievers, spaniels, setters, and pointers.

For many, hounds are the quintessential hunting dogs. Their trademark howls come to mind at the mention of the word hunting. Some hounds are exceptional scenters, like bloodhounds or foxhounds, or fast runners, like greyhounds. Regardless of the type, hounds are great and loyal companions.

Dogtra Dog Training Collars By Petstoreunlimited.com

Gun dogs tend to have great instincts, especially in the woods and around water, which makes them great waterfowl hunters. These dogs are high energy, which is great for the hunt; even in off seasons, they will usually require a lot of exercise.

Feists are small dogs bred and developed specifically for hunting small game such as squirrels. The dogs need consistent firm leadership but they are very friendly. Feists are quite lively and need to be exercised when no hunting is going to occur.

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Terriers are full of energy and determination; they dog their prey until caught, and generally kill the prey as well. Terriers have a natural hunting instinct. Initially bred to catch vermin, terriers are excellent fox and raccoon hunters.

Curs are bred solely for hunting ability. The name means “mongrel,” which is appropriate since they can be various mixes of purebred dogs. They are registered by several kennel clubs by bloodline, as the best of various types of dogs are bred to achieve specific hunting qualities and strengths. The United Kennel Club (UKC) has a registration and competitive hunting program for curs.

Training is as important, if not more important, than breed for hunting dogs. Hunters start training pups at young ages for this popular sport and many use GPS technology and training collars like Dogtra brand. These tools allow hunters to let their hunting dogs roam long distances on a hunt while safely tracking them.

Remember that each state has its own rules for hunting with dogs so make sure you know what they are before heading out with your faithful companion.

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