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Is Dogtra IQ Plus Right for Your Dog?


You have a smaller dog who needs to work off leash. Or maybe your dog is particularly sensitive to corrections and 

Dogtra iQ PLUS E-Collar Trainer Small Dog Training Collar

you need to dial the correction back, but you still need to have control off leash. Perhaps the Dogtra IQ Plus is the right collar for you and your dog.

When Less Is More

The Dogtra IQ Plus is technically an obedience collar. It has minimal stimuli which allows a light electronic correction with continual stimulus, a "nick" or momentary stimulation, and what they call is a "page." The "page" function is similar to your phone set in vibrate mode. Used for dogs who just need a gentle reminder to behave and a very soft correction, the page function "wakes up" the dog so that he or she can pay attention to you. For those who are worried about the prongs, it has both non-stimulating nylon contact points and stimulating standard contact points.

Small Dog Training

The problem in the past with training collars is that most are built for standard sized or large dogs. Their collars are too big and their stimuli is too strong for small dogs. Because of this, you couldn't use a training collar on them. The Dogtra IQ Plus is made to handle small dogs from 10 pounds on up. No longer do you have to worry about hurting your dog when the page function will work as a safe correction.

Work Two Dogs at Once

One benefit with Dogtra IQ Plus is that you can work two dogs at once. This is very helpful when working more than one dog and you don't want to buy another transmitter. You can purchase a second collar and pair it up with the transmitter.

Other Features

The collar is lightweight -- a mere 2.4 ounces. It doesn't have an external antenna, so there isn't an antenna to catch on anything. It has a range of about 400 yards or about one-quarter of a mile. The range is subject to terrain and objects in the way, but if you're training in a small area, it will work just fine. It's range of stimuli has one hundred settings, meaning that you can set it from lightest to heaviest depending how much attention you need to get with your dog. It has a rapid two hour charge which will enable you to use the collar quickly. The collar and receiver are waterproof and the transmitter is water-resistant.

Who is the Dogtra IQ Plus For?

The Dogtra IQ Plus is good for small dog training, for off leash work with a trained dog, and for dogs who are particularly sensitive to correction. You should plan on training first in an enclosed area to make sure that you find just the right minimal correction for your dog before attempting it in the field. When you start with the Dogtra IQ Plus, you will want to start with the lowest setting that will give you the right response. In most cases, that may be just the "page" function. Once you find the correct level you can use it to reinforce a command that isn't obeyed.

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