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Dogtra Training Collars Available for Purchase from the Pet Store Unlimited Limited Website


Are you looking to prevent your pet’s negative barking habits or just trying to tame a temperamental dog? Whether you train dogs for a living or just want to change your pup’s behavior, Pet Store Unlimited stocks several of the highest quality Dogtra training collars.

In particular, The Dogtra 1900 NCP and The Dogtra 1902 Field Star Remote Dog Trainer Shock E-Collars are ideal for hunting dogs. The Dogtra Yapper Stopper YS300 and YS500, are more suitable for household dogs with unhealthy barking habits.

The Dogtra 1900 NCP/ 1902 NCP Field Star Remote Dog Trainer Shock E-Collars

The 1900 NCP and the 1902 NCP are shock collars that are very similar in style and function, yet they have one stark difference. While the 1900 version can only monitor one dog, the 1902 is made specifically for training two dogs together. Both of these Dogtra training collars range half a mile (800 yards); they feature transmitters that were engineered for low to high stimulation on normal to stubborn dogs; and they even use the same stimulation techniques: Nick, Constant and Pager/ Vibration modes. If you only have one dog that you need to train, consider the 1900 E-Collar which is currently on sale for $229.99. However, if you have two dogs or if you are thinking about getting morein the future, consider the 1902, which is also on sale for only $359.99.

The Dogtra Yapper Stopper YS300/ Y500 No Bark Collars

The YS300 / YS500, on the other hand, were designed to fix the barking behaviors of all types of dogs, including household dogs. Specifically, the YS300 version of the series is intended for small to medium dogs, while its YS500 version works best for medium to big dogs that weigh 40 lbs or more. Other than that, both collars have a built in processor that filters out outside noise and only functions when your dog barks; they feature six levels of stimulation as well as one level of vibration; and the collars are adjustable to fit dogs with neck sizes that are up to 28”. Both the YS300 and Y500Dogtra training collars can also be purchased directly through the Pet Store Unlimited website for only $84.99.


If you are currently looking for a training collar, Pet Store Unlimited carries many of the highest brands in the pet supply industry, including Dogtra training collars. In addition, because Pet Store Unlimited operates online, you can easily navigate and browse through the various products that are available, while simultaneously conducting online research to make sure that you are indeed purchasing a high quality training device.

To learn more about The Dogtra 1900 NCP Field Star Remote Dog Trainer Shock E-Collar, The Dogtra 1902 NCP Field Star Remote Dog Trainer Shock E-Collar, The Dogtra Yapper Stopper YS300 No Bark Collar, The Dogtra Yapper Stopper Y500 No Bark Collar, or any other similar product, visit the Pet Store Unlimited website at http://www.petstoreunlimited.com/. Pet Store Unlimited not only marks down their prices regularly but they also offer Free Shipping to the lower 48 states to ensure affordable prices for top quality products.

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