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From Dog Training Collars to Remote Dog Trainers – Pet Store Unlimited Explored Which Products are Ideal for First Time Trainers of Hunting Dogs


When it comes to dog training products, there are many options and brands available. For example, the SportDOG line of products are ideal for beginners because they are user friendly and less expensive than other brands. On the other side of the spectrum, Garmin is the most high-end, and as a result, the most expensive line of training products. These can be used by anyone, but are most commonly used by hunting enthusiasts with years of experience. Apart from these two extremes, there are also a wide range of products that fall in between the beginning and advanced levels, including popular brands Dogtra and D.T.

What Are the Most Popular Beginner Dog Training Collars for Beginners?

Beginner trainers that are looking for a Dog Training Collar or a remote dog trainer should consider one of the two most popular options: the SD-425 and the SD-425S. Manufactured by SportDOG, these two FieldTrainer Shock Collars are designed with a 500 yard range and a 2 hour quick charge to ensure that it is always working when you need it. The SD-425 and the SD-425S are much alike, except for one significant difference: the second “S” in SD-425S stands for stubborn. These collars are ideal for dogs who do not initially respond well to their training.

What Dog Breeds are Most Often Associated with Hunting?

If you are new to hunting, you may be unfamiliar with which types of dog breeds are most commonly used when hunting. Labrador Retrievers, English Setters, Beagles, and other similar breeds are often most associated with hunting. In addition, different types of Hounds are popular for individuals that are interested in hunting racoons, but Hounds have decreased in popularity as a hunting dog in recent years. Sometimes it is important to perform research on your own if you are interested in hunting a specific type of game. It is usually favourable to use a breed of dogs that is best suited for hunting whatever it is you are interested in hunting.

How Can First Time Hunters Learn More?

If you are a beginner hunter and are interested in learning more about what breed of dog is ideal for hunting, consider performing some online research beforehand. Or if you are unsure as to what line of remote dog trainer products you should use, visit Pet Store Unlimited at http://www.petstoreunlimited.com/. All products from Pet Store Unlimited, including beginner dog training products come with free shipping to any of the lower 48 states where hunting is pursued most commonly.

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