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Do You Need the Garmin Pro 70?


You're looking to get a new training collar for your hunting dog and you've come across the Garmin Pro 70. Does this

Garmin PRO 70 Electronic Dog Training Collar PRO Series

seem like a good collar for training and how will it help you?

New Name on Trusted Collar

The Garmin Pro 70 is the latest version of the popular Tri-Tronics Classic 70 collar with many great features. If you liked the Tri-Tronics Classic 70 collars, chances are you'll like the Garmin Pro 70. It has a feature where you can simultaneously train up to six dogs and works up to a mile in distance away from your dog.

The Garmin Pro 70 has a tone correction and six levels of continuous stimulation. It has beacon lights so you can use it in low light. The hand held's battery life is about 80 hours.

Other nice features include that the collar and hand held are waterproof and the hand held floats, just in case you drop it in some boggy areas. The training collar is rated to one ATM or about 10 meters. Very useful in wet conditions.

Is This the Collar for Your Dog?

Different hunting demands different applications. If you're planning on training or hunting with up to six dogs, it makes sense to use the Garmin Pro 70. The continuous corrections are for those stubborn dogs who can quickly ignore a burst correction and need to be reminded why they need to behave. You can work in low light conditions with this collar as you can activate the beacon with the Garmin Pro 70's hand held controller. This would work best in situations such as pack hunting where you're using dogs to hunt cougar or boar and need the ability to control multiple dogs.

Range Usefulness

The Garmin Pro 70's mile range isn't the longest range, but isn't the shortest either. In terms of hunting, you'll probably not need your dog by your side but it isn't for long distances or distances where there's an obstruction between you and your dog.

Waterfowl Use

If you're hunting waterfowl, the Garmin Pro 70r can give you control even in the messiest conditions. It is especially useful for hunting birds and waterfowl in muddy and wet conditions that may follow. The Garmin Pro 70 easy to keep control of your dogs since it has a good water rating. You don't have to worry about loosing control of your dog while hunting in the swamp.

Built in Bark Controller

The Garmin Pro 70 has a built in BarkLimiter that is activated by your dog's barking. It works like a bark collar, so you can keep it on your dog when you get home and it will activate when your dog starts barking. This will help keep the neighbors happy as they don't need to listen to a yappy dog.

Is This a Good Device?

If you're looking for a good all around trainer, the Garmin Pro 70 will work for you. It's versatile enough to be able to add dogs and rugged enough to put up in training and hunting situations.

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