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Beeper Collars

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Top Quality Hunting Dog Beeper Collarsbeep-collar-2-.jpg

Beeper collars are a great tool for hunting dogs, whether you're hunting large or small game birds. They allow you to know immediately if your bird dog is on point even if you have lost sight of them due to heavy brush or other obstacles. Increase the enjoyment of your next hunt with a Beeper Collar form Dogtra, DT Systems, SportDOG & Garmin

Most Beeper Collars use a motion senor which will tells the hunter what the dog is doing. Additional operations include a run or point mode. In the run position, while the dog is moving, the beeper collar will beep every 5-10 seconds. When the dog stops the beeper will run every second. In the point mode, the beeper makes no sound while the dog is moving, however goes to the point mode when your dog stops. (read more)