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Automatic Pet Feeders

Best quality automatic pet feeders on sale!

Convenient Automatic Pet Feeder & Water will change the way you feed your pet regardless of your pets size. Simply choose the automatic dog feeder or automatic feeder your pet requires.

Automatic pet feeders & pet water dispensers, are avail as individual or as complete sets and applies to PetSafe or Ergo feeding systems.

Ergo provides Automatic Pet Feeder, which feeds your pet a predetermined quantity of dry food comes with sizes from 5 – 20 lbs capacity and matching water set - Optional

PetSafe Healthy Pet Food Station is the first gravity food system with a removable-stainless steel bowl. available as a food station, water station or a complete set, small med. or large.

Petsafe offers a Two or Five day feeder with multiple time settings. Our 2-day feeder comes with two meals in 48 hours or choose from our 5-day feeder with five day supply. Our selection of feeders will fit the needs of your pet. It makes mealtime an intellectual activity, and is very positive and stimulating for your pet since he will need to use his senses to hunt for his meal and is rewarded when he succeeds.