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PetSafe Remote Trainer with Vibration PLUS PDT00-12894

  • PetSafe Vibrate PLUS Trainer PDT00-12894
  • PetSafe Vibrate PLUS Trainer PDT00-12894
  • PetSafe PAC00-12914 Extra Collar for PDT00-12894 Trainer
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Product Description

PetSafe Remote Trainer with Vibration PLUS PDT00-12894petsafe-logo-7.1.10.gif

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1/2 mile or 800 Yd Range

For Pets 8 lbs. and Up

Pet owners who needs additional control and shock stimulation is now available with the PetSafe Remote Trainer with Vibration PLUS PDT00-12894.

You can choose from quick vibrations to static correction stimulation and will provide a range of ½ mile or 800 yards. Vibration PLUS uses adjustable vibration plus static stimulation designed to quickly train stubborn, active, and sensitive, dogs. 

The PetSafe Vibration Trainer PLUS PDT00-12894 has all the features of the vibration only model PDT00-12892, plus adds a middle button that sends a quick vibration followed by continuous stimulation when the button is held (based on the dial setting), and a third button that sends a momentary stimulation followed by continuous stimulation if the button is held (also based on the dial setting). Each button functions with up 15 levels of adjustment.

Added options allows you to train the more stubborn, hard to train pet that needs the added shock stimulation.

Expandable Trainer for additional collar with the PAC00-12914 Add-A-Dog Collar available.

How It Works:

The PetSafe Remote Trainer with Vibration PLUS button “One” allows you to control the amount of the vibration from the dial on the transmitter. Much like a variable stimulation collar, adjustable vibration allows you to select between 15 different levels of vibration -- adjust the vibration level depending on the needs of your dog and the situation. Then press a button on the handheld and the collar vibrates at the selected level. This allows you more flexibility in the in the use of Vibration training with your dog.

Note: Using a vibration only collar will allow you to teach your dog to look to you when he feels the vibration and either return to your side or wait for your command via hand signals or by using the collar.

The Pet Safe Vibration Trainer PLUS adds a vibration / delayed stimulation button “Two”. Using this feature allows your dog to first feel a vibration. If your dog does not comply with the first vibration, the collar then starts a continuous electric stimulation. You control the length of the stimulation by how long you hold the button down. If your dog complies after the initial vibration you can release the button and the electric stimulation will never turn on. The advantage of this over the vibration only model is that you have the option of delayed stimulation in a situation where you dog may not comply with only vibration. Just like the vibration, the stimulation is variable based on the dial. Lower or increase the level as needed up to 15 levels

The Pet Safe Vibration Trainer PLUS adds a momentary / continuous stimulation button “Three”. The stimulation is based on the dial setting and how long you engage the button. If you hold this button down after the initial momentary correction the collar gives a continuous stimulation. This button does not have any vibration feature and can be used in situation where you only want shock stimulation with no vibration.

PetSafe PDT00- 12894 Vibration PLUS Trainer Features:

  • Simple 3 button operation 
  • Choose vibration – continuous vibration, a quick static, or a continuous static correction
  • Handheld device provides 1/2 mile or 800 Yds.PetSafe PDT00-12894 Trainer with Vibration PLUS  
  • 100% Waterproof collar 
  • Rechargeable and replaceable NiMH batteries 
  • 15-20 hour battery life between charges 
  • Low battery indicator  
  • Black collar strap and lanyard included 
  • For dogs 8 lbs. and up & fits neck sizes up to 22" 
  • Receiver Weight with Strap: 6.4 oz. 
  • Transmitter Weight: 5.6 oz

PetSafe PDT00-12894 Vibrate Plus Trainer Includes:

  • Handheld remote transmitter and antenna
  • Adjustable Collar to 22”
  • Charging adaptor with NiMH Rechargeable batteries 
  • Wrist strap with Transmitter
  • Test light Lanyard tool - checks trainer operating functions
  • Instruction & owner's manual

For additional Add-A-Dog-Collar refer to PetSafe PAC00-12914 - works with the Petsafe PDT00-12894 Vibrate PLUS Trainer

PetSafe PDT00-12894 Vibration Plus Remote Trainer

Product Videos

PetSafe Vibration Remote Trainer Overview (00:43)
The vibration trainer uses adjustable vibration stimulation. It's among the gentlest, "softest" forms of stimulation available today. Adjust the "tickle pressure" from 1 to 15 levels. With repetition and consistency, you'll build better understanding between you and your dog. Vibration trainers are a favorite for those with sensitive or deaf dogs.
  • PetSafe Vibrat...
    The vibration trainer uses adjustable vibration stimulation. I...

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